Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I'm really excited about my new project -- my plan to publish a new Grandpa Anarchy story online each week at Grandpa Anarchy Tales.  I've thought about doing this for a couple of years at least, and then I just took the jump over the weekend, before I'd really even finished a new story to put up on the site.  I was excited about it on Monday and reworked the story I'd published on Sunday a bit, and then I wrote a new second story called Teddy's Bear.  I think I like that story a lot, it delves into an event that happened when Grandpa Anarchy was really young.  I started some other story ideas -- going back to Saturday when I jotted down a funny riff on the Magnificent Seven that I think I can turn into a fun tale, and continuing with story ideas titled Bump and Presentation and Bug's Life, and a completely content-free story title:  My Gun Is Sharp, which if I manage to develop it into something will likely be a kind of Mike Hammer riff, maybe.

Today I finished a third story for the week, Write Your Way Out.  These first three stories involve a sidekick I named the Princess of Purple Prose, and from the start I wasn't sure about the name and I hadn't figured out exactly what she was like, how she looked, how she talked.  I think now that I'm getting a better handle on that I may go back and rework the first story again.  I can see how publishing online has that as a downside (or upside?) -- I can go back and change things if I want.  Quite possibly this means nothing is ever set in stone, but we'll see.  Clearly I can't revise every story constantly.  After you've been doing this a few years that would become really difficult to manage.  ^_^  But I reworked Just A Story slightly, and even added a new line to the end, changing the ending a bit.  Usually that means I don't have a really solid ending in place, which I guess I probably don't.  But eh.

The plan is to write at least a couple more stories with the Princess of Purple Prose as a sidekick, before branching out a bit.  She's also supposed to be crafting stories based on Grandpa's past history, and I find that part very interesting and so the more I can work stories from that angle, the better.

I've been very tempted to publish more stories this week on the site.  It seems lonely with just the one story there.  Maybe I can justify publishing one extra story a month pulled from my 200+ completed Grandpa Anarchy stories -- on the first of the month or the first Thursday of the new month, for example (which conveniently is tomorrow in both cases this month).  ^_^  I just feel that not all of my stories are perfect, but there's something to be said for what I've accomplished on the whole, and I can't wait for my Grandpa Anarchy Tales website to start to develop that same kind of -- whatever you call it -- by building up a backlog of published stories.

So anyway.  Three stories written, one published, and the plan is to try and write another tomorrow!  ^_^  I think I should plan on a Halloween story and a Christmas Ghost story -- and not the one I'll be writing for our Tai-Pan Christmas writer's night.  I'd like to push myself and write a separate Christmas Ghost story for the web site.  Anyway, that's the plan for now.

Of course, in all of this I've forgotten to rewrite Gutbucket Blues even though I had this brilliant new idea on how to do it.  In fact on Saturday when I went to the board meeting and was a bit early, my plan was to work on that rewrite.  That didn't happen, and I've been busy with this new project since.  I need to go back and do that rewrite while the ideas are still somewhat fresh in my mind.

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