Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another Week of Writing Gone By

I've managed a new story each day this week.  After writing Funeral For A Friend on Monday, I finished Super Secretary on Tuesday, as well as No Surprises, a story that was originally titled What Comes Next, where I add several characters to the League of Two-Fisted Justice.  Wednesday I finished off Complete, and then by Friday I'd written a new story that I called Super Vacation.

All week I've been itching to start rewriting Second Class, my book 4 novella about the Black Moon Maidens.  At this point I only have two stories left to really finish off Book 6.  I haven't written Meanwhile on Zendeth Sector 9 yet, and I need to write X Factor, which is a story that contains several scenes so it's a bit longer than most.  But that feels really good -- I'll have completed everything that I set out (and failed) to do in April for Camp NaNoWriMo, and then set out to complete for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

This feels a bit like July-August-September 2014, which was one of my most creative periods ever.  During that time I wrote most of what's in Book 2 and 3, really expanding my Grandpa Anarchy universe and tripling the number of stories I had written.  So far July and this far into August, I've been at about the same level of productivity.  ^_^  

Nursery Rhymes  8/1  969 words
Punchathon 8/2 1,184 words
Time Waits For No Ninja  8/3  1,507 words
Fairytale Physics 8/5  1,447 words
Grandpa Anarchy 101  8/7  1,637 words
Funeral For A Friend  8/8  1,352 words
Super Secretary  8/9  884 words
No Surprises  8/9  1,691 words
Complete  8/10  710 words
Super Vacation  8/12  1,744 words

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