Sunday, March 17, 2013

Second Big Tai-Pan Story In A Week

As planned, I managed to cobble together a complete first draft of Cursed Be Ye Who Moves These Bones.  This story is about 18,000 words I guess, not quite as long as Hair of the Throug that Bit Me, but like that story I've been working on in for a very long time -- since at least 1996 in this case.  Also like Hair of the Throug, this story has problems and will need at least one big rewrite.  But it's a complete first draft, that's the important thing.  After this, I'm no longer trying to finish it, I'll just be working on the rewrite.

This is essentially an Ian St. Ritz story.  I had several Ian stories started and few finished, but after completing  The Pilgrimage of Ian St. Ritz several weeks ago I've now completed a second Ian story.  That leaves The Villainy You Teach Me as my last really big Ian story that I haven't completed, but I don't expect to work on that one soon.

I should work on Bitch next.  I said that last week too.  But I think the story that's closest to completion and would be easiest to complete is Chance Encounter, a much later Vashti story that takes place on the Quantum Lady.  I may work on that.

At some point I need to work on my Grandpa Anarchy stories and spend a few weeks reworking my unpublished Girls School chapters, and publish those.  But the good news is I'm writing and getting things accomplished, so it's only a matter of time before I got those other things done too.

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