Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bleah! It's Done!

I can't remember finishing a story with less enthusiasm, but for what it's worth, Hair of the Throug that Bit Me is done.  3/7/13, 10:30 PM.  19,716 words.  There were times even today that I felt like I couldn't make it work, but actually I think maybe it comes together better than I had expected.  It's still a long and complex story with a lot of problems, I think, but you have to finish the story before you can rewrite it.  I've failed to finish this story on several occasions over the last twenty years, but now it's actually done.

I should probably try and finish Bitch now, too, but I don't know.  I might work on something else at this point.


  1. Wish I could hear it some Writer's Night. Can I read it at NorWesCon?

  2. Sure, if you like. I turned it into Gene tonight... if you have dropbox, it's in his dropbox right now.