Thursday, January 31, 2013

All Systems Go!

I'm feeling really good about myself this week.

I finished Turncoats last night.  That's two Grandpa Anarchy stories in two days, and both important ones that I very much think should be in the book, so I'm really happy that I've got them written.

Today I rewrote Rememer This.  That's my first Grandpa Anarchy story ever, and it was short and serious and not very funny.  It really didn't work as an introduction to the universe or the first story in a collection.  I think I've improved it in that regard -- I think it can work as the first story in a book of Grandpa Anarchy stories now, and it fits the tone of the entire series better.  It wasn't even that hard to accomplish.  I started thinking about it the moment I woke up this morning, and the new lines of dialog were already there in my head.  I had to wait until I got to work to write them down, but I remembered what I wanted to do.

Both of these things, combined with finishing Nemesis a day earlier, make me feel ready to start working on my Grandpa Anarchy book in earnest.  Previously I had been unsure what story to put first, only knowing that Remember This wasn't it.  Also I knew that I wanted two other stories about the League of Former Sidekicks to give them a full introduction leading up to Two-Fisted Christmas Ghost Story, which I believe makes a good ending story for a book.  I have other Grandpa Anarchy stories I want to write, but with the possible exception of Performance Review, none that I consider necessary to be included in a book.

So basically, everything's finally lined up for me to put together a book.  Granted, I still need to edit all the stories and a few of them will need rewriting, but there are no holes where stories that I want to include don't exist yet.  So yeah, feeling pretty good about what I've accomplished the past few weeks.  ^_^

Next step:  editing the first 10 or so stories, and getting one or two friends to go through them after.  Probably need to talk to Gene a bit more about what I'll need to prepare for publication, especially what I'll need for a one-story flyer thing for Emerald City Comicon, and talk to Chuck about if he can help out with some illustrations.

Last but not least, thinking about writing feeds my creativity.  To that end, I've not only finished two stories and rewritten another in the last two days, but I've jotted down three new ideas.  My current list of unfinished stories now includes:

Jan 30 Thunderbird Blues
Jan 31 Hackernaut
Jan 31 Future Me

Oh, and Gene is apparently working on at least one Grandpa Anarchy story (or maybe a Dark Dr. Dark story, actually).  I really really need to flesh out and fill in my world background files, I don't even list all of my stories or all of the villains and sidekicks that have appeared in them.

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