Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Goals Update

2013 Writing Goals January Check In

1.  Write a Grandpa Anarchy Story a week:  Goal achieved!
2.  Write a Tai-Pan story each month:  Failed (so far).
3.  Work on anime fanfiction / original fiction each week:  Partial success (half scene for Otherworld Blues)
4.  Draw a picture each month:  Failed (so far).
5.  Edit Grandpa Anarchy stories for publication:  Partial success (minor edits on a few stories)

Details of Grandpa Anarchy Story Project

(Recap)  In November 2012 I began 30 Grandpa Anarchy stories and completed 24 of them.  It was my stated goal to finish the other six eventually.  I didn't have a set goal for December, but I managed to complete three of the six:

Dec 4:  Oceans of the Void (begun Nov 25th)
Dec 8: Let Sleeping Gods Lie (begun Nov 30)
Dec 15:  Two-Fisted Christmas Ghost Story (begun Nov 20)

For January 2013 I completed four stories:

Jan 19:  DarkFireDragonNinja  (begun several years ago)
Jan 24:  OmniGen Again  (begun Jan 23)
Jan 25:  Veteran of the Bone Wars  (begun Dec 30)
Jan 29:  Nemesis  (begun Dec 10)

Incomplete stories started in November 2012:

Nov 21st:  Trouble Focusing (Grandpa loses another sidekick)
Nov 26th:  Jungle Opera (in progress)
Nov 29th:  Planet Earth vs. World Devourer (in progress)

Incomplete stories that predate November 2012 (some by several years):

Dark Lord of Midnight
DarkFireDragnNinja (complete Jan 19)
Lights Out
Performance Review
Stepping Out

New stories begun since November 2012:

Dec 8  Turncoat  (Another sidekick joins the Society of Former Sidekicks)
Dec 10  Nemesis  (completed)
Dec 11  Troubador  (Grandpa Anarchy faces a singing villain)
Dec 12  Love, Grandma  (Grandpa Anarchy vs. Grandma Chaos)
Dec 30  Veteran of the Bone Wars (completed)
Jan 15  Grandpa Anarchy and the Fiendishly Foul Fetid Frog
Jan 23  OmniGen Again (completed)
Jan 26  Toolbar Wizard

Of the stories finished, I'm most happy about the new one, Nemesis.  This is one of my "keystone" stories, as in stories that add a great deal of detail to the background of the Grandpa Anarchy Universe.  I consider such stories of key importance since they provide a great deal of background information on Grandpa Anarchy -- stories like Supper Soldier, What You Should Know, World of Hero and Two-Fisted Christmas Ghost Story reveal much of the background for the universe overall.  In this case it's the second appearance of the League of Former Sidekicks, and also provides great detail on two of Grandpa's earliest sidekicks (Electric Bluejay and Sam Solo) and on the temp agency that provides him with so many of his sidekicks.  Three new characters are introduced (Microbat, Cyber Granny, and Miss X), and we get to see several old ones again (Kid Gloves, Kid Enigma, Kid Calculus, Geothermal Jenny, Dog Is My Copilot).

When I say this is the "second appearance" of the League of Former Sidekicks, I mean both chronologically and in the order the stories have been written.  Technically I still need to write the first appearance of the League, which should be in the story Turncoat.  After Nemesis, the league pops up again in Two-Fisted Christmas Ghost Story.  It's important that I finish Turncoat as well, that's another of my "keystone" stories.  Writing that should be one of my big goals for February, as well as finishing Jungle  Opera, Planet Earth vs. World Destroyer, and Trouble Focusing.

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