Friday, October 25, 2019

Writing Update October 25 2019

345a  Dark Magical Interlude 1 934 words
345b  Goodwill Ambassador 2155 words
346a  Just Like Sailor Moon 1347 words
346b  Dark Magical Interlude 2 496 words
347   Motivation 1232 words
348   Dark Kingdom 1197 words
349   Double Trouble 1547 words
350a  Dark Magical Interlude 3 939 words
350b  Vlog Slog 1502 words
351   Purpose 1804 words
352   Out of Phaeton 1538 words
353   Starchild 1980 words
354   Trapped on Titan 1616 words
355   Space Opera 1097 words
355b  Ancient Robot Interlude 1 381 words
356   Here Be Dragons 2204 words
357   Shadow Magic 1029 words
358   Soul of the Matter 1538 words
359   Ring Thing 1397 words
359b Interlude of Terror 483  words
360   Wish Upon A Moon 1528 words
361   Witch Queen of Titan 1750 words
362   Dark Teatime 1189 words
363   Disaster Station 2322 words
364   Realm of Magic 2055 words
365   Money Shot 1219 words
365   Scattered Seeds 1765 words
366   Dark Magic Trap 2206 words
367   Pink Light 1610 words
368   Big-Ass Space Ship (incomplete)
369   Save Your Enemy (incomplete)
370  Tsundere/Dead To Me
371  A Bomb In Heaven
372  Ancient Cosmic Evil

I posted this to Twitter a couple of weeks ago, but I had a dream that helped me figure out exactly how to wrap up all of my stories and tie them together.  I was going to post about it to this blog -- maybe last Friday -- but I never did.  In any case, I've been writing towards this goal ever since, and I still think it can work.

I read Goodwill Ambassador for writer's night on Saturday 10/19.  I think people liked it.  I rewrote it slightly on Monday based on people's comments.

My big accomplishments for this week were to complete Disaster Station and to rewrite Scattered Seeds.  These two stories were kind of holding me up from going any further with my plot, until I'd fixed them.  I also wrote a short Interlude of Terror which is simple but advances some of the plot.

At this point I'm not sure what I want to write next, but I'm pretty clear on what needs to happen for Save Your Enemy and A Bomb In Heaven.  The second of these stories might also include everything I was going to do for two other story ideas, Tsundere and  Dead To Me.  So maybe all three of those are just one story.  The thing I call Big-Ass Space Ship is quite nebulous -- Grandpa Anarchy and other members of the New League of Two-Fisted Justice have been picked up by a massive space ship which supports an interstellar hero team lead by Super Joe, who is kind of a nephew to Grandpa Anarchy in a way.  They're pursuing an international villain who is probably the mother of Tia-An, the three-year-old supergirl that Grandpa and company rescued earlier... and somehow that's all going to tie in to everything else that's going on, but I'm not sure exactly how just yet.

Basically, I have the setting for the story, but not the story.

I've written about 42,000 words between August and October.  On the one hand that's a great deal more than I'd written in the previous year and a half, but on the other hand 15,000 words a month isn't going to cut it for NaNoWriMo.

On the third hand, there's hope that I can wrap up my story arc here before November.  Or at least get pretty close.

I still need to rewrite Vlog Slog and Ancient Robot Interlude, but overall things are going well.

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