Sunday, October 27, 2019

What To Do For NaNoWriMo?

I haven't decided what I'm going to work on for NaNoWriMo.  As usual I have too many existing projects to want to start something new.  My choices:

1.  Random Grandpa Anarchy Stories.  I have a lot of them.  This would allow me to finish the arc I'm working on currently before jumping into something else.

2.  Longer Unfinished Grandpa Anarchy Stories.  I have several:

World of Hero (book 2) one of my oldest stories and a take on the cancellation of City of Heroes in 2013

Second Class (book 4) a story about the Black Moon Maidens and about Nina Ballerina leaving the League of Two-Fisted Justice

Oz On The Half Shell (book 5) a nearly finished story about fantasy realms and someone trying to take Grandpa Anarchy's place (who happens to be a version of Grandpa Anarchy)

3.  Grandpa Anarchy:  Serial Anarchy.  This is a planned novel with a cliffhanger ending for every chapter.  I came up with it for one of my NaNo projects several years ago, and never got further than the first three chapters.

4.  Grandpa Anarchy:  The Companions.  This is another old NaNo project that I didn't finish; it is a series of stories about Kid Anarchy in the 1920's and the different companions that he had (one story per companion).  I have several partially-written stories for this project.

5.  Grandpa Anarchy:  Magical Girl Death Match.  This is a plotted idea that I've never written.  It would be a novel-length story involving a deadly magical girl smart phone game run by aliens.  Bonus:  I know a lot more about the aliens now since they've appeared in my most recent series of stories.

6.  Grandpa Anarchy:  Anarchy On Vacation.  Another planned series of stories on a theme, Grandpa Anarchy goes on vacation and others must fill in for him.  Meanwhile, he and Popeye Khan go on a quest to track down a certain demon... so basically he isn't really vacationing.

7.  Girls School (anime fan fiction).  I haven't worked in my sprawling Ranma 1/2 fan fiction story in a few years.  It'll never be finished, but I'd like to at least wrap up the plots I started and am in the middle of.  I forget how much of it has been published.

8.  Nerima All Stars (anime fan fiction).  I wrote on this for one NaNoWriMo, and it's not complete.  I've never published it.  It involves Ranma 1/2, Ah My Goddess, and superheroes.  I'd like to complete it so I can publish it, but I'm not sure even 50,000 words would wrap it up.

9.  A Goddess In Oz (anime  fan fiction).  Well to be honest I'm not going to tackle this one I think, but it would be nice to finish it at last.  It's mostly an Oz/Ah My Goddess crossover, but there are other anime characters that were going to show up later.  I had a good plan for how the story would go.

Like I said, I don't really plan to start anything new, so those are my options.

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