Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Did I Write That Or Not?

So I want to write a story in which Black Dahlia and company teleport directly to a demonic Dark Realm.  Now, I have Dark Dr. Dark teleport all over the place, but he's the Supreme Sorcerer of the world.  I've established in previous stories that Black Dahlia does not have the ability to teleport over long distances.  Someone else will need to do the teleporting.

The question is, who can do this?

I have a teleporter in the Daughters of Anarchy, Magical Midriff, but so far as I know she does not do long-distance teleportation.

I do remember a story in which one of the League of Former Side-Kicks, who changed their name to Miss Enigma, joins forces with Dahlia, mostly as a business venture but also they can provide teleportation powers... I think.  Or someone else working with them can.  I don't remember the specifics.

Now, the problem is that I've written over 350 Grandpa Anarchy stories.  I vaguely remember when most of them take place, but I also forget some of them completely.  So I start by looking in Book 9:  My Gun Is Sharp.  This file contains 44 stories that I wrote mostly in 2017 and early 2018.  Most of these were posted to my web site.  There are also three unfinished stories, My Gun Is Sharp, The Tremor of the Earth, and Wings of Liberty.  The latter two are stories I still want to write, about what happened to the Gentleman Brawler and about a woman who requests Black Dahlia cast a spell that gives her wings and talons.  My Gun Is Sharp was largely a story title looking for an actual story, but since it's also the title of the book file, I wanted to write something.  But when I pull it up, there's a plot about Grandpa Anarchy going back in time to convince Mummy Ra to become a hero.  That's a story that I swear I've already written, but I don't remember the actual title.

Anyway I pull up a story called The Dream Ends, and this is one of those stories that I'd completely forgotten about, but it involves Miss Enigma and others leaving the League of Former Sidekicks.  Cool!  We're on the right track!

Except... this is one of the last stories in this "book".  The few that follow it are not the story I'm looking for.

The next folder is Book 10 -- Mahou Shoujo Blues.  These are all of the stories I wrote in March and April 2018 for Magical March.  They're all magical girl stories.

The next folder is Book 11 -- Fist to the Face.   This was the "book" I was working on when I stopped writing back in the spring of 2018.  These are all generic stories, there's no overall theme, but I don't see the story I'm looking for here either.  There are only a dozen stories here, including four "hero lunch" stories, a fairy tale story that was background material for an incomplete story about the Daughters of Anarchy, and a bunch of stories about Eve the Explorer, member of the Society of Intergalactic Space Babes, because I went of on a tangent and wrote a bunch of stories about that one character.

So at this point I have to ask myself, am I even remembering a finished story?  I have a LOT of unfinished stories, some which are only a few lines or an idea, some of which are very long stories that I never managed to complete or make work.  Because this was my "working" folder, I have tons of them contained within.  I have these files:

A Thousand Ninjas
Afro Futurism
Anarchy in a Box
Another Secret Crisis Wars
Bad Trip
Battle Angel Josie
Candy Heart Mech
Cannot Scream
Chief Seattle Speech
Christmas Gorilla
Cisgender Sleuth
Cranium Tyrant
Crystal Hart
Dead Man's Hand
Death Roach Kid
Die Glocke
Dork Side of the Force
Escape Goat
Ex Habitu
Fox Con
Free Mason Conspiracies
Girl Power
Heartthrob 6000 Bit
Heel Turn
Here is a Potato
High Performance Chocolate
High Sis
I Want
I'm Not Saying It's Aliens
Infinity Donnybrook
I've Seen Cosmic Horrors Beyond Man's Power to Bear
Job Qualification
Just Don't Care
Less is More
Library of Dreams
Like Sparks Off a Cat's Back
Meet Cute 2
Meet Cute 3
Meet Cute 4
Mission Briefing
Nazi Hunter
No Politics
Oceans of the Void Black Maiden Fragment
Princess - Sleeping Goblin
Princess of Miramoor
Punch 'Em All
Regifted Heart
Season of Change
Some Ideas
Stargate Extras
That Other Party Idea
The King Am I
The Pomadour'd Pamlemousse
To Punch A Hitler
Top Hats and Bustiers
Two-Fisted Santa
Tyrone the Great
What Makes A Great Villain
Wheeling and Dealing
When You're Dead
Zuzus Petals

Naturally I have other unfinished stories in other folders, so you can see how it might be difficult to find a story that I think is finished, but might not be.  ^_^

I think for NaNoWriMo, I might just reread all of my stories and take notes.  My data file on who exists in the Grandpa Anarchy Universe is largely based on the first 3 books, or about the first 100 stories or so.  It's extremely out of date.

Oh well!  Time to look some more!


So after more searching I located a story called Enigma.  This was the story I was looking for.  It details Miss Enigma joining forces with Black Dahlia to establish a much larger and cheaper gender change clinic (which was a service Black Dahlia provided for many years at a million dollars per transformation).

The part I had forgotten about in this story is that it also includes Hexcoder, an app-based spellcaster who can teleport people across the world.  So that was what I was trying to remember.  The question is, can he teleport people to a demonic realm?

The problem I had is that I have Enigma listed as story 290, and The Dream Ends as story 307.  But the second story takes place before the first, so they're in the wrong order.  I think this is the second time I had trouble finding the story Enigma because of this discrepancy, so it might be a good idea to switch the two.

However, I then read the story Miss Devastation, which is story 296, and this story also deals with Black Dahlia and the Black Moon Maidens, and it involves a demon who wishes to become a super hero joining their group.  One of the things Miss Deva can do is teleport.

It seems much more likely she would be the one to teleport the group into a demonic realm.  That's right up her alley!

I did run into a spot in one of these stories where I said that Dark Dr. Dark couldn't teleport people clear across the world, but I've shown him doing exactly that several times so I just altered the sentence to "only Dark Dr. Dark can..."  But I have another sort-of problem here, in that Miss Devastation and Enigma both deal with teleporters joining the Black Moon Maidens or otherwise becoming partners with Black Dahlia and therefore available, and both stories state or assume that Black Dahlia didn't have access to a teleporter previously.  And I'm not exactly sure which story is meant to take place first.  But I can probably solve this easily enough, since Hexcoder is not actually a member of the team and may not usually be available.

The good news is, all three of these stories are completely written, and they work.  These are the kind of Big Plot stories that change how things work in my universe that I often plot and never manage to actually write.

The bad news is... all three of these DID take time to write after I plotted them... in some cases it was many months later when I managed to finish them.

Because of this, I have a major discrepancy:  in Miss Devastation, I give a very detailed tour of the Black Moon Maidens headquarters, the gothic dress shop Pandora's Closet, and Black Dahlia doing her magic gender transformation thing.  It's very clear that she has not yet made any deal with Hexcoder and Miss Enigma.

In Enigma, I state that Black Dahlia does not have the ability to teleport across the world.  Based on this, Miss Deva is not a member of the team yet.  (Or more likely, I need to explain why she's not available at the moment).

This is the kind of thing that happens when I plot stories that have important future connotations, and then fail to write them in a timely manner.  I still haven't written most of Second Class, where the Black Moon Maidens add a second team of heroes, even though that's a very important fact that affects all future stories.

(In point of fact, I've been writing my current stories on the assumption that Shaman Sally was not a member of any team and had thus joined Blues Summoner Stella's new magical girl group, the American Mahou Shoujo Association of Frosthaven -- but then in Miss Devastation it's stated that she is a member of the Black Moon Maidens second team led by Nina Ballerina.  See?  I didn't remember that because I haven't actually written the story!  Now I need to explain why she left, or is in two groups at once.)

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