Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ancient Cosmic Horrors (Writing Update)

Here's what I've managed in the past week or so:

1.  Split Ghost and Shadows into two stories.  The first I titled Shadow Magic, and the second I re-titled Soul of the Matter.

2.  Wrote a new story set much earlier in the timeline called Double Trouble.  It turned out much different than I intended.  This required a bit of a rewrite for Purpose.

3.  Inserted a bit into my first story, Goodwill Ambassador, that establishes that Grandpa Anarchy has been told he will encounter an Ancient Cosmic Horror.  This is meant as a bit of a maguffin, since he and the others encounter multiple things that might apply.  I'm hoping it kind of ties things together a bit.  This involved rewriting most of my stories slightly to include references to this thing.

4.  Did some more rewriting to change dialog for Kin Katy, who says effin' a lot.

5.  Finished my idea for a confrontation which had the working title of Throne Room.  I wrote an entirely new opening for it from the POV of one of the villains, based on what I'd come up with for Double Trouble.  The final story was called Witch Queen of Titan.  I had proposed Witch of Titan as a good title for a story at some point, and it works here, although it was originally meant to refer to Queen Sable and now it refers to someone else.

6.  Almost immediately rewrote Witch Queen of Titan.  My first ending was to incorporate my Villain Emporium plan, in which about five or six different villains all show up at once.  This made the story really long and gave it an ending that was drawn out and had no punch at all.  After some consideration, I decided to go for a more dramatic, explosive ending (literally).  I don't know that it's funny but it has punch.

7.  Rewrote my ending yet again with the idea that it was all supposed to be from the POV of that one villain.  I think it also works better that way.

8.  Based on my new ending, I sketched out several follow-up stories as my cast of characters wind up in three or four different directions.  The first of these was Dark Teatime, which I finished yesterday.

9.  Today I finished Realm of Magic.  This was based on the idea that Candy Valentine can visit the realm from which her magical girl magic comes.  It was created by a wish from a magic ring containing  djinn, and it exists soley for her.  I had some ideas about what it was like, and how she and Katy and others could visit there after a big battle and get healed... but it took me a while to come up with a way to invert the whole idea, to make it more than just a friendly fairytale realm where everything is sugar and spice, because the way it was going up to that point, there would be no big surprise or twist ending, and I'm not sure the story would be interesting otherwise.  But I like what I came up with.

10.  Right now I have story titles that I want to work on, and I have ideas in my head for what should happen next.  Grandpa Anarchy is dead but will be revived.  I'm not sure that's a story in and of itself.  Dark Dr. Dark will retrieve him, so he can go anywhere after that.  Queen Sable and Stella are in Los Angeles with Black Dahlia and Danielle the goth store sales clerk, and several others have just arrived in Los Angeles.  Some people are still on Titan but the palace may have collapsed, or they may be battling a giant robot named Emperor Birol.  They might have teleported somewhere else, or perhaps only Prince Onyx did and the others need to be rescued.  I haven't decided if the girls in the Realm of Magic have to return to Titan also, or if they can choose to reappear on earth somewhere (like, maybe Los Angeles).  At some point Sailor Io visits Black Dahlia's gender change clinic, but I'm not sure yet if that can work as a story by itself.  I had plans for another character to be in this story, but now that won't happen.

I still have the whole Villain Emporium idea that I haven't really done anything with, and I have a lot of bits from several stories that I chopped out but saved possibly for later.  All of the extra bits from Realm of Magic got saved to a file that is currently titled Ancient Cosmic Horror Tea.  I may use some of it on a story about the girls leaving the Realm of Magic.  We'll see.

After some thought on the whole thing, here's what I've come up with.  My next stories are:

363  Disaster Station (working title)  This starts with Grandpa Anarchy and Dark Dr. Dark, and moves back to Titan where a battle ensues, and one of the actors from my Villain Emporium plot appears.

365  Scattered Seeds (working title)  This covers the people in Los Angeles, and possibly a visit from the demon Queen Sapphire.

366  Ancient Cosmic Horror Tea (really bad working title)  This would be the girls returning from the Realm of Magic.  I have some ideas about what needs to happen but I'm not sure where this is ultimately going.  One idea is that they return to Titan and there's no one there and nothing left but rubble.

367  Girls will be Girls  I still need to fit in this bit somewhere, but I don't know if there's a story to build around yet.

345  Goodwill Ambassador
346  Totally Like Sailor Moon
347  Motivation
348  Dark Kingdom
349 Double Trouble
350  Vlog Slog
351  Purpose
352  Out of Phaeton
353  Starchild
354  Trapped on Titan
355  Space Opera
356  Here Be Dragons
357  Shadow Magic
358  Soul of the Matter
359  Ring Thing
360  Wish Upon A Moon
361  Witch Queen of Titan
362  Dark Teatime
363  (Untitled)
364  Realm of Magic

Still working on:

Disaster Station
Scattered Seeds
Ancient Cosmic Horror Tea
Girls With Be Girls
Villain Emporium

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