Friday, August 9, 2019

Magical Girl Adventures on Titan

No sooner did July end than I actually began to write the stories that I'd planned to write a month ago.

This was intended to be a series of stories involving Grandpa Anarchy and company travelling around the world, being introduced to all of the international heroes and super groups that Grandpa knows.  But as usual things went off the rails almost immediately.  To begin with, since it was a magical girl group that was being introduced to everyone, I thought to reread all of the magical girl stories I wrote for March 2018.

Thanks to this, I decided to set my second story in Denver, CO, where a group of four magical girls who greatly resemble the Sailor Senshi now operate.  And since this was a meeting with them, I decided to have their enemy Queen Sable of Titan intervene.

This led to several stories  where the group flies out into space to the moon Titan, orbiting Saturn.  At this point I think I will be on story seven before the group even gets to the point where they meet a second super group.  >.>

How this all unfolds is a bit convoluted as usual.  My first story, Goodwill Ambassador, was largely written in July, but I managed to finish it in early August.  The second story was titled Just Like Sailor Moon (I'm not too attached to any of these titles though).  In this one I decided they would meet with the Europa Sailor Senshi of Denver.  But what could happen during this meeting, I wondered?  What if their enemy Queen Sable attacked?  What if she kidnapped someone?  That seemed to work and add some drama and a direction to go in, so I went with it.

I penned a third story called Dark Kingdom, which takes place during their fight to Titan about the Anarchy Saucer.  Then I began writing a story about their confrontation with Queen Sable on Titan.  But at this point things were bogging down a bit, and I had to ask myself, why did Queen Sable kidnap this person?  What was her motivation?  And for that matter, isn't that the very question the heroes would ask first?

This led to a bit of backtracking as I wrote a story that takes place immediately after the kidnapping, so that it happens before Dark Kingdom.  It also led to some rewriting of Dark Kingdom, and some new writing on Battle on Titan, my working title for the fourth (now fifth) story.  I've also sketched in a sixth story, and a seventh (where they will actually meet another group).

I have various bits and pieces of other stories that will take place afterwards, but I think the meeting with the second group will also involve several stories and a side quest.  And I want to create an overarching plot that ties everything together, and I have some ideas along those lines but I haven't really written much of that down just yet.

Anyway, for today I've finished a story I titled Motivation, which is story 347.  As of now my new stories look like this:

345  Goodwill Ambassador
346  Just Like Sailor Moon
347  Motivation
348  Dark Kingdom

in progress:

349  Battle on Titan (working title)
350  Girls Will Be Girls (working title)

Goodwill Tour Fairyland Stop
Ghost In The Machine
In Oz

I also came up with a new story idea that is independant of this current arc, which involves Chinese surveillance equipment in the Anarchy mansion being used by a Chinese villain to spy on Grandpa Anarchy.  I titled it Fox Con for now.  It's kind of a nebulous idea but at the same time, I think I can envision how the entire story should go -- I just need to figure out the exact details like who the Chinese villain is.

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