Thursday, August 1, 2019

Another Camp NaNoWriMo, Another Fail

It's August 1st.  Camp NaNoWriMo for July is passed, and once again I failed to meet my goals.

My original goal was to create an international superhero a day, but this morphed into a planned series of short stories in which Grandpa Anarchy traveled around the world meeting with international heroes and super groups that he already knew, and introducing them to the members of a new super group whose stated goal was to aid and support magical girls.  To this end I wrote most of a first story, and a partial scene for another story, and jotted down notes for 2-3 more stories.  But I didn't complete anything and I got bogged down in working on the back stories of my four former magical girls who made up the super group.  The end result is that I did write some stuff, but not nearly the 20,000 words I set out to write.

This is a common theme for me because I once again have outlined a series of stories that might fill a book, so I placed all of these in a folder called "Book 15 - Just One Punch".  The name of the folder was chosen previously as just a name for a new book once I got to that point, so it doesn't really have anything to do with the stories I put in there.  So basically I have another potential book that's not written.  I have a lot of these -- Book 7 - Serial Anarchy is a planned novel with serial chapters with cliffhangers; Book 12 - The Companions is a planned novel with stories of Kid Anarchy in the 1920's and his various super powered companions; Book 13 - Magical Girl Deathmatch is a planned novel involving a magical girl smartphone rpg that kills people (totally stealing the germ of that idea from a series of light novels, but with a Grandpa Anarchy twist of course); and Book 14 - Anarchy on Vacation was what I ultimately planned to do a year ago for Camp NaNoWriMo in July, a story about Grandpa Anarchy taking a vacation, but with a secret goal to investigate the demon behind the ring that his wife used to use and that his grand-niece now uses.

I don't know when I'll manage to write all of this, considering I haven't written much of anything in the last year, but right now I'm still in the headspace for my magical girl/international hero story, and I've been rereading the stories I wrote back in March 2018 when I was writing a magical girl story a day.  They're better than I remembered -- but the problem is that I'd started working on a document that listed each magical girl and described them, and then as the month went along I got sloppy about it, so it was never finished.  Which is a lot like the document about the 30+ international heroes that I was working on last month, or the document detailing the new super group of former magical girls.  :P

For now, I'm going to continue reading my March 2018 stories, my "Book 10 - Mahou Shoujo Blues" collection.  I'm making minor story corrections and I'm working on filling out the document that details each magical girl, so I can reference them easily when I want to use them again.  That was where I ran into this in the first place -- I wanted to use them in my stories where Grandpa goes around introducing this new super group, and I really didn't have a good writeup on everything.

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