Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Finished a Few Stories

Monday was January 15th, and I had yet to complete a story in 2018.  I'd been working (in theory) on Transformation Story and also intending to go back and fix Enigma, which I have listed as a finished story but I had looked at it and discovered that it wasn't quite done.

Enigma and Transformation Story were part of a series of stories focusing on Black Dahlia and a few other characters, including the Gentleman Brawler and Kid Enigma.  I had wanted to write a story about what happened to the Gentleman Brawler after the events in my Secret Crisis Wars story.  At the end of that, he's alive again but nobody else knows, and he's disguised in some way -- the godlike creature known as the Reality Bender gives him a new look.  But I'd never revealed anything beyond that.  I plotted a story that might or might not also include Kid Enigma, and for now that story is called Tremors of the Earth.

Likewise, at the end of Secret Crisis Wars Kid Enigma is given the ability to change people's genders, but is himself trapped as a rather feminine hermaphrodite, unable to use her abilities on herself.  I wanted to tell a story about what happened next -- she had plans to make some money with her ability, just as Black Dahlia had done, but as I worked on the idea, I decided they might instead team up and pool their abilities.  That story is of course Enigma.

At some earlier point that story was also what I intended with Transformation Story, which is why it was called that.  But that story turned into an introduction to demonic lawyer Mal's niece.  And that's the story that I've been trying to finish for weeks.

On Monday... I actually finished it.  I re-titled it Miss Devastation, which makes a lot more sense given the events of the story.

In the meantime I'd also written another story called Unique which involved Black Dahlia and started out as a kind of aside to one of these other stories.  Plus I decided to write a kind of prequel to Enigma which is mostly an idea at the moment.  It's called The Dream Ends.

So in what I think is chronological order, that's:

Tremors of the Earth
The Dream Ends
Miss Devastation

That's my little quintet of Black Dahlia/Miss Enigma/Gentleman Brawler stories.  Enigma needs to be finished and Tremors of the Earth and The Dream Ends are mostly unwritten at present, but at least I finished one of them this week.  ^_^  Also, for some reason I seem to be completing them in reverse chronological order.

Then, since that wasn't enough, I wrote a second story Monday.  I was reading stories available to post in my blog, and one of them called Gadda Da Vida involved a sidekick that I wanted to write more about.  The story sort of suggests that this sidekick might join the Society of Intergalactic Space Babes, but ends before I follow up on that idea.  I had wanted to write a sequel dealing with that.

So I did.  I plotted and finished Eve the Explorer on Monday, making it two stories in one day.

I sort of thought that I might even work on a third story Monday, but I went home and did little about it.  But Tuesday I plotted another sequel story that would allow me to insert a little of the Cisgender Sleuth's background.  I have a tendency to create sidekicks without much thought, and then after the fact come up with their backgrounds, which often requires me to write a separate story so that I can explain said background.  This is what caused me to write As High As the Falcon, for example -- I wanted to explain who HighSis was and how she got her powers.

By the time I was done Tuesday evening, I had a new story that, as usual, went off in a different direction from where I started.  However, it's a complete story, my third in two days.  I called this one Beautifully Engineered.  Part of it required me to reread bits of The Ring of Hanubatum, and now I want to reread the whole thing and fix it up.  It's a long story and I remember it had some problems.

But I'm happy to have written three new stories, and I'm happy that all of them were things I was already working on or had planned to do some time ago.  ^_^

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