Wednesday, January 10, 2018

December Story Month Wrap-Up, and New Year's Goals

I was intending to do a wrap up of my December Story Month.  It's already 10 days into the new year and I somehow let that plan completely slip by.  In any case, my plans to work on a new story every day of the month and/or write about a thousand words a day fell by the wayside, just like my plans for NaNoWriMo in November did.

In the end I accomplished in December about what I normally manage to accomplish:  I finished six stories with varying degrees of success:  Enigma, Silence Is Golden, Fund My Catgirl, The Christmas Gorilla, Unique, and Experience Pays.  Two of those desperately need a rewrite.  The last one I managed to complete in time to post it for Christmas week -- my plan is always to post a Christmas story by Christmas, and this year the first one I wrote had some problems.

My goal for January is pretty much like my goals for December and November:  I want to finish the story I'm calling Transformation Story for now, and I want to go back and work on some of my Kid Anarchy Companion stories that I was working on this fall (and really, ideas I've been working on since last year).  I haven't made any new big proclamations about how much I'm going to write in January, and to be honest it's 10 days in and I've done very little writing at all.

What I wrote this year, to the best of my knowledge:

Book 8 Stories (High Tech Fisticuffs):

Gate Into Danger (story 243)
Beside Myself
Ghost and Miss Bloodraven
Murderbot 150
My Sister the Computer
If You're In Berlin
Tell Me A Story
Raw Justice
The Ring of Hanubatum
Fist to the Face
New League of Two-Fisted Justice
Ghost Cop

Book 9 Stories (My Gun Is Sharp):

Secret Millicent
Dreamquest of Unknown Anarchy
Down the Drain
By Any Other Name
Mummy Dearest
Brain Salad
Second Law My Metal Ass
Lingua Franca Fractura
Grimdark Wonderland
Dues Ex Machina
My Clone Sleeps Alone
Feeling Wordy
Games People Play
Another Time Another Place
There Goes the Neighborhood
Splitting Hares
Clown With the Golden Mask
The Summoning
Monumental Error
Gods and Punks
Time Trip
Motivational Poser
Market Crash
Hurricane Punch
As High As the Falcon
Gadda Da Vida
Return of the Holy Terror
Black Friday
Silence Is Golden
Fund My Catgirl
The Christmas Gorilla
Experience Pays (story 295)

That's 54 stories written in 2017, so that's a good amount in my book.  That also makes 38 stories in what I'm calling Book 9, so after due consideration I've decided that Book 9 is mostly complete, except for three or four possible stories:

My Gun Is Sharp.  This is the title of the book, so I feel like there ought to be a story with that title as well.  But maybe not.
The Devil and Miss Elsie.  This story is related to Secret Millicent and also to the Ring of Hanubatum from the previous Book 8.  I need to finish it.
Transformation Story.  This is closely related to Enigma, Unique, and to another incomplete story that I want to finish, The Tremors of the Earth.
The Tremors of the Earth.  A Gentleman Brawler story related to Enigma, Unique, and Transformation Story.

I've created three new book files:
Book 10 - The Companions.  This would be a proposed book dealing entirely with Kid Anarchy and all of his companions, and the publication of a book about them.
Book 11 - Fist to the Face.  This is a proposed book for more random, unrelated stories that I will write in the coming year, similar to what I did for Books 8 and 9.
Book 12 - Magical Girl Death Match.  I wrote up a treatment for a novel-length story.  I don't know that I'll write it, but Now it's officially a book, just like Book 7 is my other novel-length story that I haven't finished.

I did not go back and finish any stories in older books that I can remember.  I still have a few stories I'm supposed to finish from previous books.

My goals for last year were:

So for 2017 my goals are going to be simple:  1.  Keep Writing a Grandpa Anarchy story a week so that I can keep publishing on my story blog,  2.  Try to finish at least one of my original fantasy stories, and 3.  Try to publish my book, as well as prepare books 2 and 3.  But that will also required 4.  Rewrite World of Hero.  Again.

Although I only accomplished goal #1, managing to publish a new story to my blog nearly every week has been a big accomplishment in my book.  At some point (in August I think) I stopped printing an extra "Classic Anarchy" story on the first Thursday of the new month, and I've been pretty lazy about publishing a new story right on Monday -- sometimes it's Tuesday or Wednesday, or even late Friday.  But I only skipped a week once -- after a year of doing this, I figured missing on a single week was allowed.  ^_^

Going forward, my goals for 2018 would be similar, but I also want to make completing those Book 9 stories a goal, and working on the Companion stories, and maybe also working on the Magical Girl Death Match novel, possibly for spring Camp NaNo.

That's it for goals for the year.  ^_^

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