Monday, July 14, 2014

Undead Stories!

A while back -- in the beginning of May -- I wrote Call Me Maybe, in which the leader of the Iron Maidens of the Zombie Apocalypse complained to Grandpa Anarchy that he and his League of Two-Fisted Justice friends had fought undead several times recently and had not called in her group, who only exist to fight the undead.

Although this little story wasn't dependent on my having written about those adventures, I determined anyway to write at least one vampire story and one army of skeletons story, and maybe a story about a ghoul or wight or something too.  I hadn't really written any such stories for Grandpa Anarchy previously -- well, maybe one zombie story that I could recall.

Anyway I created two files, Hip Bone and Maps of Vampires That No Longer Exist.  The second was actually a file that I already had that was based on a misheard phrase -- I no longer remember what I misheard or why this particular phrase appealed to me, and as a consequence I'm not sure I like it as a story title.  But it was a title for a vampire story, and I wanted to write a vampire story.

This past week for July Camp NaNo my goal was to write a story a day.  I failed miserably at this, but I did finish the above two undead stories, for better or worse.  I think I like the vampire story better.

I'm very much behind on my Camp NaNo goal, but oh well, I've finished one long story and written three short stories that I'd been wanting to write for a while.  That's still progress.

My new story idea of the day is It's All Relative.  This is based around the idea that lots of crackpots think they've somehow disproven that Einstein's Theory of Relativity -- it's one of the favorite targets for people who want to be physicists without any training.  I  thought, well, in a superhero universe, what if a villain believes they've done this?  Could it come true just because of the way superhero physics and belief warp reality in such a universe?  What would happen if it did?

That's the basic story idea.  Dunno when or if I'll actually write it though.

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