Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 Writing Goals - Mid July Update

Haven't done a monthly update on my yearly writing goals since the end of April.  So here we go.

I spent most of late May and June wrestling with World of Hero, and finished 3 of 4 parts but got derailed.  It's much improved but still kind of a mess.  I also worked on Return to Amethyst 3:  Spirits of Stone which I finished in early July and I'm very happy with how it wrapped up.

July is Camp NaNoWriMo again, I signed up and decided to write 1,000 words a day on various stories.  I got off to a good start with finishing Return to Amethyst 3:  Spirits of Stone, but I've managed a paltry 3 short stories since then.  It's the halway point and I should have 15,000 words by the end of today, and I'm only at about 9,000 right now.  But there's time to catch up.

I want to start work on a Tai-Pan story, but I'm still deciding what I'll work on today.

Yearly Goal Progress:

1.  Write a Grandpa Anarchy Story a week.

For April I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, in which my goals were 35,000 words and to write a new Grandpa Anarchy story every day.  I managed 27 out of 30 stories and finished the other three soon after.  I managed a few more stories in May, then set out to completely rewrite World of Hero, which had been one of my long-time goals.  I managed to greatly expand it and completely rework the plot (or to add a plot is more accurate), and I completed 3 of 4 parts, but it's still a mess and I got bogged down in trying to complete it.  I switched to Return to Amethyst 3 and after some fits and starts, I finally finished that in early July.

I've pretty much already completed this goal.  Here's my new totals for the year, based on my one story a week (4 per month) goal:


Feb 07:  Revealing
March 29:  About A Hell Boy
March 30:  If Books Could Kill
March 31:  Out Of Cheese Error


April 1:  Villain of the Weak
April 2:  Banana Also Rises
April 3:  The Eagle Has Landed
April 4:  Bombs Away


April 5:  Landoff
April 6:  Disorientation
April 7:  Landmark Decision
April 8:  Trick of the Trade


April 9:  Blah Blah Blah
April 10:  Reboot
April 11:  Four Weddings and Nine Hundred Funerals
April 12:  Beneath the Skin


April 13:  The Hand You're Dealt
April 14:  Grandpa Anarchy the Musical Act One
April 16:  Grandpa Anarchy the Musical Act Three
April 17:  The Bane of the Black Spork


April 18:  Temple of the Dog
April 19:  Startup
April 20:  Grandpa Anarchy and the Fiendishly Foul Fetid Frog
April 21:  Grandpa Empathy at the Gates of Hell


April 22:  Iron Maiden Surprise
April 23:  Crack Squad of Misfits
April 26:  The Pompatus of Love
April 27:  Stronger


April 28:  Diary of an Anarchist
April 30:  The Archimedes Death Ray
April 30:  Nobody Cries for Superman
May 3:  There Is No Try


May 5:  Distracted By The Sexy
May 6:  Family Tree
May 8:  Where's My Supersuit?
May 9:  Grandpa Anarchy the Musical Act 2


May 10:  Past Life Sister
May 20:  Call Me Maybe
May 23:  World of Hero 1:  Save the Girl
May 25:  World of Hero 2:  Going Off Script


May 27:  World of Hero 3:  Rude Awakening
July 5:  Return to Amethyst 3:  Spirits of Stone
July 7:  Performance Review
July 11:  Hip Bone


July 14:  Maps of Vampires That No Longer Exist

2.  Write a Tai-Pan story every 2 months (6 in the year).

No progress, but this is a goal for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

3.  Finish the third "magical girl" arc for Girl's School, and try to wrap things up.

No progress.

4.  Write 4 short stories set in my Otherworld Blues universe.

No progress.

5.  Draw a picture each month.

No progress.

5.  Publish Book One of my Grandpa Anarchy stories, edit 2nd book, assemble stories for 3rd book.

No progress.  Well, I think I have a cover now, so someone has been working, just not me....

List of stories I intend to work on:

Grandpa Anarchy Stories

Stronger:  This one is finished!
The Eagle Has Landed:  This one is also finished!

Return to Amethyst Part 3 Spirits of Stone:  Finished!
World of Hero:  3 of 4 parts finished, but it's a mess.
Second Class (working title):  I did a lot of work on this in eary January, nothing since.
Unpossible:  No progress.
Performance Review:  Finished!

Fan Fiction

Girl's School, Third Magical Girl Arc (Kahotep Adventure):  No progress.
I Can See Clearly Now:  No progress.
A Goddess In Oz:  No progress.

Other Original Fiction

Otherworld Blues Stories:  No progress.
Jubel In Oz:  No progress.

Tai-Pan Stories

Bitch, Chance Encounter, Blanking the Lady (variations), Zesh and the Bitted Throug:  No progress.

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