Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Number One With A Bullet

Number One With A Bullet is the story title for a second Death Medal story suggested to me at last writer's night.  It's a cool title.  This is the story I have theoretically been working on this week, in my so-called quest to write a new story each day.  For the record, I have written virtually nothing.  But at least I'm thinking about writing.

Actually I wasn't at all sure where I was going with this story -- it wasn't a story idea beyond "use Death Medal again!"  I envisioned him having captured Grandpa and sidekick (whoever it winds up being), having a grand entrance no a rock-arena stage with fireworks and thousands of screaming storm trooper-style hench soldiers.  After listening to this week's To The Best Of Our Knowledge I decided on a theme of the Apocalypse, which makes for a nice heavy metal meditation and a proper goal for a burning-skull villain.

The only question was, in what way was Death Medal planning to bring about the apocalypse, and what was the result/punchline?

I flailed about a bit writing dialogue that went nowhere, and I really didn't come up with a solution.  But in doing a little research on magic tropes and grimiores, I came up with several different story ideas.  At the moment I have three more story files that I envision as a series of "Death Medal tries to destroy everything via a magic spell book" stories.  The titles are:  About A Hell Boy, If Books Could Kill, and Out Of Cheese Error.  Each has the same general setup with a different ending/result, and possibly a different sidekick each time, I'm not sure.

I haven't written these stories yet either, but once I get going I suspect that all three will fall together rather quickly.  And then... maybe I'll figure out what the plot for Number One With A Bullet actually is.

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