Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Writing Goals -- End Of March Update

Tomorrow is the first day of April, and the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo.  My goals for April are to start a new Grandpa Anarchy story each day, to finish as many of them as possible, and to write 50,000 words total.

With that said, the year is already 1/4 gone so it's about time I went over my New Year's goals, which I've sadly been ignoring:

1.  Write a Grandpa Anarchy Story a week.

This is looking a little better after this past weekend in which I finished two stories.  Hopefully I finish another today and can update this.  In any case:


Feb 07:  Revealing
March 29:  About A Hell Boy
March 30:  If Books Could Kill
March 31:  Out Of Cheese Error

2.  Write a Tai-Pan story every 2 months (6 in the year).

No progress.

3.  Finish the third "magical girl" arc for Girl's School, and try to wrap things up.

No progress.

4.  Write 4 short stories set in my Otherworld Blues universe.

No progress.

5.  Draw a picture each month.

No progress.

5.  Publish Book One of my Grandpa Anarchy stories, edit 2nd book, assemble stories for 3rd book.

No progress.

6.  One-off story/pamphlet thing for Emerald City Comicon/Some other con.

The con was this past weekend so... yeah.

List of stories I intend to work on:

Grandpa Anarchy Stories

Return to Amethyst Part 3 (needs title):  No progress.
World of Hero:  No progress.
Stronger:  No progress.
Second Class (working title):  I did a lot of work on this in eary January, nothing since.
Unpossible:  No progress.
Performance Review:  No progress.
The Eagle Has Landed:  No progress.

Fan Fiction

Girl's School, Third Magical Girl Arc (Kahotep Adventure):  No progress.
I Can See Clearly Now:  No progress.
A Goddess In Oz:  No progress.

Other Original Fiction

Otherworld Blues Stories:  No progress.
Jubel In Oz:  No progress.

Tai-Pan Stories

Bitch, Chance Encounter, Blanking the Lady (variations), Zesh and the Bitted Throug:  No progress.

To sum up:  before this weekend I'd written one short story, and did some work on a longer story (Second Class), and that was everything I managed to do in the first three months of the year (though I did do a lot of prep work on all of my story ideas -- which will hopefully help with my April Camp NaNo goals).  But this weekend I finished two more stories, and hope to have a third done today, so things are looking up.

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