Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rainfurrest Update

My goal for the weekend is to write one Grandpa Anarchy story a day.

Thursday, however, I wrote nothing, so Friday my goal was to write two stories.  What little I managed to do on Thursday involved deciding I wanted to create a "raver" villain, and writing down many one-liners, ideas, names and whatnot that Chuck, Sky, Anthony and I came up with (many ideas and one-liners from Ant and Sky).  So I had a file named Deep House of Horror, but no real plot or even defined villain/sidekick.  But I wanted to make it a team-up story with Nina Ballerina.

Friday morning I worked on this idea.  I created a sidekick who was an ancient former boxer turned House DJ and crimefighter named Cranky Knuckles (a pun on Frankie Knuckles, one of the founders of House music I think).  For a villain I created the Beat Breaker, a white guy in a wife beater and black leather pants.  I wrote pretty much the entire story, but I don't think it works.  It clearly doesn't have a good ending, no punch or twist or anything surprising, and I'm not convinced that the starting scene really accomplishes anything either.

Anyway I grew frustrated with trying to make it work and went looking for another story idea to write.  I settled on The Crystal Weenie.  This is another term for "MacGuffin", a device that drives a plot, but serves no other real purpose.  The MacGuffin is the thing everyone wants to get their hands on -- the magic coin, the rare diamond, the map or list of names or whatever it is.  "Weenie" is what the actress Pearl White (star of the early Perils of Pauline films) called these plot devices, so I had created a file with the name Crystal Weenie which involved a literal crystal statue (of a hot dog, apparently) of immense power.  Grandpa keeps calling it by other names -- he views it as a plot device and not an actual item of power.

This story came together very quickly.  I used Sixteen Tons as my sidekick (he has one fist of iron, the other of steel, although they're really just gauntlets).  I think this one works pretty well.

I started working on another story involving one of the new villains I created, Douglas Fear, but I wasn't feeling very inspired so that was it for Friday.

This morning I finished Arbor of Pain.  Ant supplied the new title, as I was calling it Bark Is Worse previously.  For this story I introduced Aquakinetic Lad, a boy who flies and shoots water (not very effective against a plant based villain).  Although I managed to finish the story, I have my doubts about how well it worked.  I think I need to work on something different, but we'll see, it's already past 2:30 PM.

I think I was working on another story idea at some point yesterday... oh yes, an idea suggested by something Sky said at dinner.  I want to use Whiskey Tango Foxtrot as my sidekick for that one, but I don't have much written on it yet.

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