Thursday, February 25, 2021

Bolt from the Blue Update


According to Blogger, a whole 5 people read what I posted yesterday (or at least visited the page for a moment) even though I did nothing to promote it.  So, instead of changing anything in that post, here's an addendum as a new post.

Having pretty much worked out where I was going with these two stories, I rewrote Orphan Black (again) this morning, and renamed it All I Ever Wanted, a title I like better.  It's a reference to the song Vacation by the Go Go's -- calling my story Vacation was too obvious.  I think it works well now -- but I may rework it a bit later, we'll see.

I wrote the opening portion of My Clone Sleeps Alone and reworked a bit of the middle scene, and now that one's finished as well.

I had intended Trust Mother to happen not long after this, but instead I've plotted several new stories.

All I Ever Wanted sends Miss Anarchy into space, and My Clone Sleeps Alone deals with the illegal clone body problem, but I still wanted at least one story that actually involved an adventure in space.  I'd already created a file for it, called Girl Squared.  Miss Anarchy is in space with her two great granddaughters and with a teenaged version of Miss Trinity/Annie Two.  Four girls, Girl Squared.  I also came up with an ending for this that I think works, tied into one of the ideas I wrote about yesterday.

But then, I decided to write a story that involved the mounting fame Miss Anarchy is generating as all of her adventures in space are recorded and sent to earth.  She's becoming a sensation!  At first I called this Paparazzi Story, then considered Famous on Prokone 4, and then Space Famous.  But I'm thinking, with two previous stories based on songs that I like, possibly something like Noticeable One (a Missing Persons song) or possibly Celebrity Skin (Hole) or Pretty on the Outside (Dollyrots).

Aaaand... I decided I should address the issue of Elsie and Kelli's over-protective mothers, since their two daughters will be showing up on video all over the world getting shot at and and possibly even injured or killed.  At least, I know Miss Anarchy will be killed on video, then resurrected again of course.  But that just seemed like the sort of thing the girl's mothers would react negatively to -- and they probably are not too keen on the girls hanging out with "Miss Anarchy" who happens to be their grandfather as a girl.

I'm calling that story Beauty Treatment.

After that I should squeeze in the Just Like Miss Anarchy story, and maybe then I can write Trust  Mother, and after that will come Real Girl.

So my list of stories currently looks like:

415  I, Gardener

416  Maid Ex Machina

417  Infinite Dojo

418  Princess of Pluto

419  The Return of Normal

420  Free Advertising

421  Inevitable

422  All I Ever Wanted

423  My Clone Sleeps Alone

(the rest are not yet fully written, but are planned in this order)

424  Girl Squared

425  Beauty Treatment

426  Just Like Miss Anarchy

427  Noticeable One

428  Trust Mother

429  Real Girl

This also means I've written six stories this month, and may finish at least one or two more before Sunday night.

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