Thursday, February 20, 2020

Third Week of February 2020

Friday I finished my story Them Rats.  On Thursday I only had a vague idea of how this story would go -- it involved the villain Holy Terror, and I wanted to include a lot of the background on Glory Ashes, Grandpa's current sidekick.  I had no plot.  But by Friday morning, I'd figured out how the story should go, and it came together pretty well.  In fact, I finished it so quickly that I thought to myself, "I have time to work on my other story idea, The Strangulator."

Of course, this didn't happen.  Even when I think I have plenty of time to write more than one story in the same day, I get that one story done and then I'm simply not in the right mood or frame of mind to write more.

I did not write much of anything on Saturday or Sunday, but Saturday was Writer's Night at Gene and Michael's in North Seattle.  I read Them Rats and people liked it quite a bit.  I got some suggestions for minor tweaks, which I immediately incorporated.

Sunday I planned to work on The Strangulator, but instead I watched two movies.  One was Snow White, the other was Frozen.  I have a plan to watch all of the Disney princess movies, and to that end I've also recently purchased Cinderella and the Little Mermaid.  I think I am still lacking Sleeping Beauty, Alladin, and... Mulan?

Anyway, inspired by Snow White, I suddenly imagined Grandpa Anarchy with a similar magic mirror.  He stands before it in the morning and says, "Mirror, mirror above the bureau, Who's the greatest superhero?"  A few sarcastic replies occurred to me.  I really liked this, and envisioned it as a short joke scene in some other story, with no real explanation of where he got the mirror or what he planned to do with it.  But since I had no particular story to put it in, I wrote it down and saved it as its own file called Magic Mirror.

Monday I woke up, and I knew exactly how the entire Magic Mirror story should go.  I wrote the story that day.

Tuesday I woke up and I knew how to transform The Strangulator into a complete story.  This one I struggled with for most of the day, but in the end it pretty much came together the way I'd imagined it in the morning.

Wednesday I woke up and I knew how my story about the robotic butler Wilfred 2.0 should go.  I wrote most of this on Wednesday, and then finished it up Thursday morning.

I have to say, complete stories don't just spring into my head.  I have to be actively thinking about these things beforehand.  But I'll have some setting or scenario and I'm trying to imagine how I can transform it into a story, and then at night my subconscious steps in and says, "This is how you should do it!"  So it's a byproduct of me trying to figure these things out in the back of my head already, but it still feels magical when I just wake up and the solution to my problem just presents itself to me.  ^_^

I wrote 13 stories in January, and so far in February I've written 11 more:

2/2 A Clown in a Clown Store
2/2 Death By Clown
2/7 The Tutu of Lully
2/9 Banavatar
2/11 The Emancipation of Philip Dos
2/12 The Seeker
2/13 The Luckiest Human
2/14  Them Rats
2/17  Magic Mirror
2/18  The Strangulator
2/20  WIlfred 2.0

Also, WIlfred 2.0 is story # 400.  This numbered list includes 17 unfinished stories or skipped numbers, so technically I have not written 400 stories.  My numbered unfinished stories/skipped numbers are:

037-040  World of Hero (novella -- book 2)
103  Second Class (novella -- book 3)
161  Oz on the Half-Shell (novella -- book 5)
173  Patron of the Arts (book 5)
174  ?
177  (non-existent Christmas story)  (book 5)
190  Meanwhile in Zendeth Sector  (book 6)
370  Girls Will Be Girls  (book 12)
371  Tsundere  (book 12)
372  A Bomb In Heaven  (book 12)
373  Ancient Cosmic Evil  (book 12)
375  Space Babes Are Easy  (book 11)
376  You Can Be Sally Stardust  (book 11)

By this point I think I've written enough stories to make a complete book 11.  What I want to work on now is finishing some of these unfinished stories.  I think that's my next goal -- but it's a big goal, because three of these are novella-length and the stories in book 12 might as well be one giant novel, so the ending is particularly hard to get right.

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