Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Year Writing Update!

So!  Between August 2019 and October 2019, I worked on a series of stories which involved Grandpa Anarchy and a bunch of magical girls, including four former sidekicks who were forming their own magical girl-themed supergroup.  I still have these stories listed in a folder titled Book 15 -- Just One Punch which is a title that has no real relation to the stories contained within.

My plan was to tell one complete story over the course of about thirty short stories.  I had plans for how I was going to wrap things up, but I ran into November and NaNoWriMo and didn't finish it.  This is typical for me -- I wrote a big ending story to my Magical March 2018 story arc (Book 10, Mahou Shoujo Blues) and I didn't like it and wanted to rewrite it, and I still have never done that.

In the meantime for NaNoWriMo I worked on a fan fiction story called Nerima All-Stars.  My plan was to finish this story and publish it on the web, but by the end I realized I was about 50,000 words shy of a good ending -- there are a series of battles left to write, a big finish.  And so I planned to continue working on that for December, then wrote nothing more.

I also planned to write a Christmas ghost story in December.  I poked at two partial stories, The Library of Dreams and Two-Fisted Santa, and didn't finish either one.

For my New Year's Resolutions I want to write a story a week in 2020, and publish something to my story blog once a week.  I haven't published anything there since early November I think.  But!  I started off the new year by completing a story, Die Glocke.  I have a lot of old story ideas that are partially written and this was one of them.  I'm not sure the end result is a good story but hey, it's something!

Today I've been looking at other partial stories and story ideas I can work in in January:

No Politics:  This is a satirical story from The Onion I think, about how some comic readers don't want politics or political statements in their comics, which are almost entirely based on political ideas (avatars who stand in for capitalism, communism, or fascism; stories about mutants who are persecuted for being born different; stories about people transformed into government agents by secret authoritarian government agencies).  I didn't specifically have a story plot here, just copied the Onion story to a file because the ideas expressed in it would make good fodder for a Grandpa Anarchy story.

To Punch A Hitler:  This one is partially written.   The idea is that on March 8 Grandpa Anarchy is depressed because this is Victory Day in Europe, and Grandpa never managed to punch Hitler in the face.  He's punched a myriad of Hitler clones, alternate-universe Hitlers, robotic Hitlers, etc., but not the actual Hitler himself.  I haven't figured out the ending of this story (I don't think I want to write them going back in history just to punch Hitler) but I really like the setup so I want to try and finish it.

Amguh:  The idea here is that Grandpa has a sidekick whose name is OMG Girl, but she pronounces it Amghuh Girl.  Really, that's all there is to the idea at the moment.

Arachnope:  I have a lot of stuff written on this file.  There's a villain named King Spider who is deathly afraid of spiders himself, and thinks they are the most terrifying thing in the world, but tends to build traps filled with Daddy Longlegs/Harvestmen because to him they're quite terrifying, and he can't contemplate using something that might actually be dangerous to him.  Again, I like the ideas but not sure where the story goes or how it ends.

Punch 'Em All:  I should write this because I think I have a complete plot for it.  Grandpa Anarchy is approached by a group of people who are creating a Pokemon Go-like game involving hunting down villains and punching them.  Grandpa at first makes fun of it, then becomes addicted to it, but the people who made the game are using it to track Grandpa and hack into his computer systems.

Mister Anarchy 2020:  This is a new idea.  I saw a post on Twitter about an old Superman story called Superman 2020.  In it, Superman's grandson becomes Superman III, and fights Nazis in a future world that looks a lot like the time it was written (I think the 60's or 70's) but in which they insert "future slang" to try and make it more futuristic.  I want to write something similar for Grandpa Anarchy.

This story involves a lot of research.  I've written about Grandpa Anarchy in pulp fiction, comics, television and movies before, but I had that information buried in a catch-all Anarchy Lore file, and I've written quite a few things since that aren't included in the file.  I decided to set up a separate file just for Grandpa Anarchy In Fiction, and I'll need to track down all of the other things I've added regarding new movies and some of the details about pulp fiction stories that were written -- Miss X is the title of one, and there are several more involving Kid Continuity and the Continuity Crusaders, who have traveled back in time to collect some exceeding rare pulp stories, and also collected a whole slew of alien-made comic books from a race of beings called the Painters.

I swear I have a file somewhere that contains some of that info but I wasn't able to find it this morning.

Now that I think about it, one of my New Year's goals should be to read at least one Grandpa Anarchy story a day and update my lore files with everything important contained therein.  I need a list of all of Grandpa's sidekicks, for example, a list of all stories and whether they are completed or not, and I desperately need to update my list of people in the Grandpa Anarchy universe.

Wilfred:  While researching the story above, I noticed that I have a note that Grandpa Anarchy had a butler until 1959.  Wilfred died that year, as well as Grandpa's partner Guy Shadow and soon after the enemy which killed Guy Shadow, Doctor Zero Hour II.  There's a story in there somewhere, and it might possibly involve a robotic version of the butler Wilfred or I don't know, something equally weird.

I also want to complete both of the Christmas stories I was working on, The Library of Dreams and Two-Fisted Santa.  I have other Christmas ghost story ideas I could work on, such as the Re-gifted Heart.  I haven't finished a Christmas ghost story in two years soI don't want to wait until next December to work on these again.

New Year's Goals for 2020:

1.  Exercise every day, 30 minutes  or more of walking preferred.
2.  Write one new story a week (or the equivalent -- 1,500+ words).
3.  Post one story to my Tales of Grandpa Anarchy blog each week.
4.  Read at least one Grandpa Anarchy story a day and document people and things of interest.


  1. Amguh. could be her saying Omega, Oh Mega, Um--Guh?, Ohm Mega and various other things that GA has to figure out from context.

  2. For Arachnope, maybe something out of the list on ?