Monday, February 19, 2018

Writer's Night for February 2018

Saturday was Writer's Night, held at Gene and Mike's place in... Shoreline?  North of Seattle anyway.

Quinn read a couple of screenplay/story idea treatments.  Well I say read, it was more just describing to us what the ideas were, that's why it's a treatment I guess.  Hopefully the feedback was helpful.

Chuck read another scene from I think his novel, or one of the related stories.  It was really a half-scene, I think.  The characterization was good until the protesters showed up, but I think everyone thought the protesters were too stupid to be real.  They were either bad straw men and badly written, or they were performing some elaborate ruse that would be revealed later on.  Since it was incomplete you really didn't know for sure.

I read my second "Hero Cafe" story, which I warned people was plotless, and I think the consensus was that it felt too long for something that really had no payout.  I kind of agreed just by reading it, I could see where some things needed to be trimmed.  But on the whole I think it accomplishes what I set out to accomplish, which is that the characterization is mostly good and it shines a light on an interesting part of my universe that I hadn't shown before.  If I can shorten it up and/or work in a bit more plot somehow, that will help.

Gene read an incomplete scene from one of his novels.  At this point I think Gene talking about which part of which novel he's reading a scene from is a bit like me explaining how this particular Grandpa Anarchy story relates to several others that people don't remember or never read/heard.  But anyway, it was well written.  ^_^

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