Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Camp NaNo Report, April 11 2017

Ten days into Camp NaNoWriMo for April 2017, and I'm doing okay -- trying to average 1,000 words a day and I'm close to 10,000 as of Tuesday morning April 11th.  But my original goal of completing Oz On the Half Shell and World of Hero has gone nowhere -- instead I've written six other stories, which is good for my weblog queue I guess.

As for the blog, for the second week in a row I didn't publish a story until Tuesday.   This has less to do with not having stories ready to go, and more with the fact that every Friday I go home with plans to work on at least one story and finish it, and instead I do nothing all weekend, and by Monday I feel a lot of pressure to finish up what I was working on Friday, instead of figuring out which story I want to post to my blog.

So this week on Monday I finished up a story called Breakable, and then worked on another story called Upgrade.  When it came time to figure out what I wanted to put up on my blog, I had a problem.  The next story in the queue is Vigil, but I'm not quite satisfied with that story, I think it needs a complete rewrite.  The next story after that is The Ring of Hanubatum, which is a monster story of 8,300 words, and almost certainly needs a minor rewrite at least.  After that I have Secret Millicent, which is a story set completely in Amethyst and doesn't deal with Grandpa at all.  I'm not sure I even want to publish that one on the blog.

After those three, the next story in line would be Fist to the Face -- which is a good story but I wrote it after I'd already begun two others, Breakable and Deathcop 2000, and I reference both of these other stories as things that have already happened.  That means I really ought to publish those two stories first.  Deathcop 2000 isn't written yet, but having finished Breakable last night, it seemed like the obvious choice.  It's not one of my best stories but I polished it up a bit and published it this morning.  I think that's the second time I've published a story to the blog less than 24 hours after I wrote it.  I usually try to avoid doing that.

Things that I also need to be working on:  Deathcop 2000, obviously, which might be next Monday's blog story.  I also want to finish up:   The Cephalopod that Befriended the Wind, The Companions, and The Devil and Miss Elsie.  These three stories should close out Book 8 -- High Tech Fisticuffs.  I have a habit of trying to place one Christmas Ghost story at the end of each book, and as it happens  this volume already contains The Unfinished Painting and Rosario's Model, both of which fit the bill.  (Techincally I don't have Christmas ghost stories for books 5 and 6 yet -- and book 7 is a hypothetical novel that's only partially written.)

I have at least two stories unwritten from book 6 that I'd like to finish -- X Factor and Meanwhile in Zendeth Sector.

I have three stories unfinished or unwritten from book 5 -- Oz on the Half-Shell, Unpossible, and Patron of the Arts.  The last two are character pieces for Unpossible Man and Nina Ballerina, so I can move those to a different book, which I think I've done before.

Second Class is a long-form story from Book 4 that's not finished.  World of Hero is a long-form story from book 2.  Those are all the things I want to be working on -- but I think Deathcop 2000 is first on the agenda, even though I really don't have a plot figured out for it yet.

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