Monday, March 13, 2017

More World Building

So I'm still working away on my story About A Ring.  I thought I had done enough world building to cover everything I needed for the story, but this turned out to be far from the case.

Over the weekend I wrote a second scene, which will turn out to be the third scene.  Kelli McDaniel has been kidnapped by Krunklegunk the Uncivl, Warlock King of the Western Anger Mountains.  This is in a remote corner of the fairyland of Amethyst.

My original idea was for Elsie to show up and rescue her cousin, because she's a kind of magical girl princess heroine of Amethyst.  But I thought:  what if she went and got help?  Suppose she brought Unpossible Girl along.  That could be fun!  And I wanted them to visit a Space Babe space station orbiting earth and communicate with Annie Two before going home, locating the ring, and finally defeating Krunklegunk the troll king.

But as I thought of this, I began to wonder:  how can they travel from our world to Amethyst?  Previously I used a magic wind storm and the Necromancer King to do it, and a spell from the Warlock King to teleport Kelli.  But Elsie doesn't have the magic to travel there on her own, does she?  Circuit Girl has also visited her brother in Amethyst, but I assume that was with the Necromancer King's help.  But does she have another way to travel there?

Also, I couldn't have them talk to Annie Two while in a fantasy world, could I?  But what if Circuit Girl had worked with F8Wasp to place a version of Annie Two in Amethyst?

All of this lead to more world building.

So I decided that there's a version of Annie Two that has recently been installed in Amethyst.  We'll call her Annie Amethyst.  While we're at it, let's make her an automaton instead of a computer that can't move.  And why have the heroes travel to a space station over earth, when we can install a Steampunkesque space station high over the fairyland of Amethyst?  Maybe there's a gateway on the station that allows travel to the space station in our dimension.

Also if Annie Amethyst is like Annie Two in all but name, she may have a way to track Kelli and contact her through her phone.  Instead of having Kelli consult with Annie Two, I'd have her consult with Annie Amethyst.  But if Annie Amethyst knows that Kelli has been kidnapped and is in the land of Amethyst, then she's alerted Princess Amethyst and Princess Pistachio, and probably Circuit Girl.

Having written all of that up, I thought once again I was done world building, but I still needed to figure out how Circuit Girl communicated with her brother on an everyday basis, given that they are in different universes.  I had first decided to use a magic mirror, which is similar to what you find in the Oz books (they have a magic picture).  But when I began to write the scene, I realized there was a lot more I needed to figure out.  How long was Circuit Girl dead?  How old was her brother?  I knew Circuit Girl looked about sixteen, and her brother looked very young due to living in a magical fairyland where you don't age (unless you want to).  I needed to nail all of this down specifically, and figure out their last names, and while I was at it, maybe her brother and Prince Humperdink had had a second daughter by now.

I wrote my earliest Grandpa Anarchy stories somewhere around 2006-2009, and then didn't write more until 2012.  But I'd set some of the events in the earliest stories back further into the past.  Circuit Girl joins Grandpa Anarchy in 2004 and dies in 2005, but works for him "for almost two years" so that would be early 2004 and late 2005.  She's brought back to life in a story I wrote last summer, so we'll say that's 2016.  She looks about 16 when she's brought back to life -- so she must have been 16 when she died, and perhaps 14 when she first joined Grandpa Anarchy.

Thus Circuit Girl was dead for 11 years, and while she looks about 17 now (in 2017), she was actually born 28 years ago.

Next:  when did her brother become Grandpa Anarchy's sidekick?  I wrote the stories with him in 2012, but for argument's sake, let's say he joined Grandpa in 2009.  That's four years after his big sister died.  Let's say he's 13 when he joins Grandpa -- I always figured he was pretty young.  So he's seven years younger than his sister, and is 14 when he decides to remain in the fairyland of Amethyst.  You don't age in Amethyst unless you want to, so right now he looks about 15, but is actually 21.  He dresses like a princess and has long hair, and looks an awful lot like his sister at this point.

All of this lead to me rereading bits of previous stories so I could figure out timelines and what I'd written before -- and I discovered that I'd previously introduced a trollish villain into the Amethyst world named King Snatchgrabber, and his Snobgobble Army.  Was this a different name for Krunklegunk the Uncivil, or were they rivals?  (I decide I like both names, so they're rivals -- King Krunklegunk rules over the Snobgobbles in the Western Anger Mountains, King Snatchgrabber rules the Eastern Anger Mountains.)

Also, I had mentioned a communication device before, a magic easel that favored impressionism.  I really do like to re-invent the wheel when I write these stories!  But that sounded like a one-off item though, rather than something that could be placed in several locations, so I still have room for a magic mirror or magic amethyst crystal, or perhaps a part-magic, part-science device that Circuit Girl has invented, with a computer view screen and a magic amethyst crystal core.

At this point, my story has as much background documentation as actual story.  :/  I'm not going to get to explain most of this stuff, maybe mention some of it in passing, but at least I can mention just enough to indicate I've thought through everything!  But I do have nice writeups to add to my Anarchy World Background files.

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