Thursday, July 7, 2016

Camp NaNo Report for July

It's time for an update!  Hope springs eternal, and just as I did in April I signed up for the July Camp NaNoWriMo with the goal of getting some serious writing done.  Then, of course, I wrote next to nothing for the first two days.  But!  I then sat down and got to work!

I am trying to complete the same set of stories that I was working on back in April and May.  These are stories for a sixth book of Grandpa Anarchy short stories, this one tentatively titled Weird Tales of Weird Anarchy, and in this one I'm trying to do something a bit different -- I'm trying to string together a series of independent stories that tell an overall story or all link together in some way.  Here's more or less what I accomplished back in April:

Superpowered Self Defense - Finished
Legal Eagle - Finished
Strike The Worm - Finished
The Nonhumans - Finished
Painted Into A Corner - Finished

Bombs Away - Unfinished
Intergalactic Order of Space Babes - Unfinished
Girl Gravity - Unfinished
Green-Skinned Alien Babe - Unfinished
Llahna's Girl - Unfinished
Further Adventures of Grandpa Anarchy - Unfinished
Punchathon - Unfinished
Happy Jack - Finished May 3rd
Doom - Unfinished, In Progress

Now, the thing is I originally planned out a series of stories, then as I worked on them I started retroactively fitting new stories in between the stories I'd already planned.  So when I went back to this group of stories in July, I did the same thing again.  First, I decided that the details of how the shadow creature is defeated in between its appearance in Superpowered Self Defense and the legal consequences of that defeat in Legal Eagle should really be a separate story in its own right, so I wrote Eclipsed In Time.  At the same time I came up with a separate but concurrent plot in which the League of Former Sidekicks plan to get rid of Grandpa Anarchy, and this required a "prequel" story which I wrote called Opportunity Of A Lifetime, which takes place just before Superpowered Self Defense.

On top of that, I decided to move another story, Shadow Secrets, so that it happens just before Superpowered Self Defense.  So now three of the first four stories in my collection didn't exist or weren't in that chronological order previously.

But that's not all.  I had already started a story sometime in late May or early June called Chaos and Order which I place right after Legal Eagle and before the story that originally followed it, Strike the Worm.  Because at the end of Legal Eagle Grandpa and company are tossed into another dimension, but then in Strike the Worm they turn out to not be in another dimension after all, and that seemed like a waste and kind of a cheat to me -- I wanted some adventures in other dimensions first.  Ideally, I wanted at least three.  So not only did I manage to finish Chaos and Order a couple of days ago (it needs a rewrite, really), but I have also outlined two other stories that go between it and Strike the Worm.  For now I'm calling these two stories Prison World and Here and There, but those are working titles only.

And as for my League of Former Sidekicks plot, I've written the second story in that sequence, called Status Report.  Which is also a weak title, I might need to come up with a better one.

So now my story order is:

Opportunity of a Lifetime - finished 7/3
Shadow Secrets - in progress
Superpowered Self Defense - finished
Eclipsed In Time - finished 7/3
Legal Eagle - Finished
Status Report - finished 7/4
Chaos and Order - Finished 7/5
Prison World - unfinished
Here and There - unfinished
Strike the Worm - finished
The Nonhumans - finished
Painted Into A Corner - finished

Bombs Away - Unfinished
Intergalactic Order of Space Babes - Unfinished
Girl Gravity - Unfinished
Green-Skinned Alien Babe - Unfinished
Llahna's Girl - Unfinished
Further Adventures of Grandpa Anarchy - Unfinished
Punchathon - Unfinished
Happy Jack - Finished May 3rd
Doom - Unfinished, In Progress

I've also been working on some stories that happen after all of the interdimensional and intergalactic adventures.  These include two stories I had previously plotted, Complete and X Factor, and two brand new stories that I wrote today, Above the Law and Muse.  These stories form a kind of separate chain of Kid Continuity stories that happen before and mostly after the adventures in dimensions and space:

Shadow Secrets - Kid Continuity and Wayback Boy delve into the mystery of who was Guy Shadow, partner to Grandpa Anarchy in the 1950's.
Above the Law - Grandpa Anarchy and the Continuity Crusaders stop a would-be time-travelling assassin, but have to figure out what to charge him with and where to lock him up.
Muse - A conversation between Kid Continuity and her brother, and a clue to where her powers come from.
Complete - Through the miracle of time travel, Kid Continuity secures the last piece of her collection of Grandpa Anarchy fiction,  But why is it that no copies survived to the present day?  Did someone destroy them on purpose?
X Factor - Kid Continuity sets out to solve the last big Grandpa Anarchy mystery -- who was Miss X, Grandpa's first sidekick?  Unfortunately Miss X is still alive and does not want people to know who she is.

So for those keeping score, that's six stories completed in the first seven days of July.  So far so good!

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