Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 - Goals, and So Far

Goals for 2016:  Pretty much exactly what my goals were for 2015 -- that is, write 2 Grandpa Anarchy stories a month, write a story set in my fantasy universe, finish my third magical girl adventure arc in Girl's School and also begin the next chapters after that.  Also, publish the rest of what I've written for Girl's School, and get my Grandpa Anarchy book published.


I have five folders of completed Grandpa Anarchy stories, listed mostly in order of completion and in the order that I would expect to publish them in five books.  Every time I start a new round of stories, I've created a new folder and designated it the next book -- but a few of those  stories have not been finished.  Book 1 is complete and I really need to get around to publishing it, but Book 2 contains at least one long, unfinished story, World of Hero.  Book 4 has another long story, Second Class, that is unfinished, and also a short story called Gate Into Danger.  Book 5 contains mostly the stories I wrote last Spring during Camp NaNoWriMo and just before and after that.   There were several stories that I started or designated as stories I was going to write, but never managed to finish.

This past week, I've been going through each story in Book 5 and rereading them, and tweaking or reworking them as needed.  When I reached Gorgon Gun (story number 160), I found a half-finished idea that I had struggled to finish back in May 2015 and then dropped.  That was pretty much the last time I tried to finish a Grandpa Anarchy story in 2015, apart from the Christmas story I wrote.

So I began working on it and last Saturday I finished it.  Then I proceeded along, and did some extensive rewriting on Asphalt Cemetery, and then pulled some of that out and placed it in a kind of sequel that I had envisioned but had not written called Sharp-Dressed Man.  I managed to finish that story today, so I'm feeling pretty good about what I've accomplished so far in 2016.

I read Girls of Two-Fisted Justice today, and also Old.  I like both stories, but I especially liked Girls of Two-Fisted Justice because I really didn't remember how it went.  The ending was kind of a surprise, and it worked.

I still have several stories in book 5 that need to be written.  I want to get most of those done so I can plan new stories.

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