Monday, May 4, 2015

Post-Camp NaNo Goals

I feel like I've got multiple spinning plates on poles at the moment.  I finished Camp NaNoWriMo with several stories started but unfinished -- and then, while working on Sharp Dressed Man, I realized that the ending wasn't working, at least in part, because I had two different things happening and I only needed one -- and the other thing could easily work as its own story.  I even already had a good ending for it.  So I split that story into two, with some rewriting needed on one and the other needing to be completely written.

Then I counted how many students I had named in Substitute, and I had named ten out of twelve.  The story was pretty long already and it  wasn't going to be easy to squeeze in the names of two more students -- but then I realized, I could milk the whole substitute teacher idea a bit more with a second story that fleshed out the other students a bit more.  The setting is a field trip, and one of the students is the main villain.

So within two days of the end of Camp NaNo, I'd already added two more stories to my list of stuff I needed to finish.  Then, after watching the Avengers movie on Saturday, my friends handed me three more story ideas.

Most of these are not simply "ideas" but complete stories in my head -- so I've got a lot to write at the moment.  I spent Sunday reworking the first Sartorial Scoundrel story ( the one I broke off from Sharp Dressed Man -- I'm calling this one Asphalt Cemetery, for reasons that probably will mean nothing to most readers.)  I finished that (again) and then later I was able to write All the Trauma You've Been Craving, which is short and maybe not that good, but anyway it's done.

I also decided to add two unfinished story ideas to my plate, and potentially 2-3 more.  All of these stories are more or less planned for a fifth Grandpa Anarchy book if I ever get that far, and with one of the stories built around a potential "reboot" of the universe, I thought it would be time to work in my origin stories for the other memebers of the League of Two-Fisted Justice.  I have one, Unpossible, partially written for Unpossible Man, and another, Patron of the Arts, at least sketched out for Nina Ballerina.  I don't have origin stories planned yet for Dark Dr. Dark, Deep Fat Fryer, or Daisy, Warrior Princess, but I know Deep Fat Fryer's background and having a story for each would be nice.

I also jotted down yet another story idea that occurred to me.  I'd want to work that in, too.

My  goal for the week is to finish some of these other stories -- Field Trip, Sharp Dressed Man, Gorgon Gun, Oz On The Half Shell, Murderbot 346, and Secret Crisis Wars.

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