Friday, January 2, 2015

Writing Goals For 2015

I want to get more writing done than I've managed in the last six months (I've written very little), but I'm going to try and scale back my goals a bit so that I can actually meet them, maybe.

1.  Write two Grandpa Anarchy Stories Each Month.

I'm going to scale back my goals for Grandpa Anarchy stories, since I haven't been getting much writing done in the last half year.  Two stories a month seems achievable.

2.  Finish Three Tai-Pan Stories.

I still have stories I want to work on.  One of my  goals is to finish Bitch, because it really should be published before Hair of the Throug That Bit Me, which is already scheduled for publication.

3.  Finish the third "magical girl" arc for Girl's School, and try to wrap things up.

It's hard to believe I still have fans waiting for me to finish this thing.

4.  Write 1 short story set in my Otherworld Blues universe.

It was a nice goal which I totally failed to accomplish anything on.  Last year I said I'd write 4 stories, now I'm hoping I can manage at least 1.

5.  Publish Book One of my Grandpa Anarchy stories, edit 2nd book, assemble stories for 3rd book.

I did nothing on this last year, but it's still one of my goals.

List of stories I intend to work on:

Grandpa Anarchy Stories

World of Hero:  3 of 4 parts finished, but it's a mess.  Needs a rewrite.
Second Class (working title):  I did a lot of work on this in eary January, nothing since.
Unpossible:  No progress.
Serial Anarchy:  This is the Grandpa Anarchy novel I started in November.
Gate Into Danger:  A SG1-themed story that I meant to write this year.
Conspiracy Claus:  My Christmas ghost story for the end of 2015, already have the idea for it.

Fan Fiction

Girl's School, Third Magical Girl Arc (Kahotep Adventure).
I Can See Clearly Now.
A Goddess In Oz.

Other Original Fiction

Otherworld Blues Stories, Jubel In Oz.

Tai-Pan Stories

Bitch, Chance Encounter, Blanking the Lady (variations), Zesh and the Bitted Throug.

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