Friday, October 10, 2014

Grandpa Anarchy Story Ideas July - Sept.

A list of Grandpa Anarchy story ideas that I've come up with in the last few months.  Some are partially written, and respresent pretty much all the writing I've done recently:

All Relative - This is a story about someone who thinks he's disproven the theory of relativity.  This is a big thing for crackpot science, everyone thinks they've disproven relativity, usually without even fully understanding what relativity is.  But in a superhero world, what if a villain really CAN disprove relativity?  That could destroy the universe as we know it!

Boy Gravity - aka Dress Your Best, Sharp Dressed Man, needs a better title.  A battle over fashion with a fashion-conscious sidekick.

Choco Castle - Needs a better title.  This is a story idea built around a villain who steals all the chocolate in the city and builds a castle out of it.  He wasn't hard to track down....

Deadly Rainbow - This is nothing but a title and I forget why I created it.  I guess I liked the title.

Elementary - This story begins with Grandpa gathering people into the great room of a mansion in order to explain how the recent murder took place.  Only Grandpa's not known for his dectective work....

Godwined - What is Godwin's law of supervillains?  The more they resemble Nazi's, the easier they are to defeat?  The more crime you fight, the more often you will have to defeat Hitler?

Great Brain Robbery - A brain switch story idea, since I haven't done one of those yet.

Hooked On A Feeling - An intergalactic tale of mass destruction and 70's pop music, maybe.

Mercury In Retrograde - Bad things happen when Mercury is in retrograde.  Apparently.

Mission - This is a takeoff of the idea of Grandpa Anarchy receiving a random tip in the manner that such things happen in City of Heroes.  It all seems ridiculous to the sidekick, and I think the plan was for it to be a trap to lure in Grandpa.  I don't remember exactly where I was going with it, but I have the first dozen lines of dialog written.

Patron of the Arts - The title of a Nina Ballerina origin story.

Robe And Wizard Hat - This isn't really an idea per se, I just think it would be funny to write a story with this title.

Substitute - Grandpa Anarchy, substitute teacher at Dr. Z's school for gifted superheroic students.

Taming of the Lemur - The idea here would be to try and write an entire Grandpa Anarchy story in a Shakespearean style.  I may never actually tackle this idea, but it's there.

The Curse - A story about a ghost/zombie who's cursed to do something (drink, gamble) with a new person every night until someone beats him.  Enter Grandpa Anarchy!

Thing in the Sewer - Some sort of tentacled alien monster story.

Why Do Ghosts Have Clothes - Well, why do they?

YOLO - Grandpa Anarchy is a very good counter argument.

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