Monday, December 3, 2012

The City of Heroes Connection

In writing my Grandpa Anarchy tales I've been influenced quite a bit by things in City of Heroes -- not the least of which is that Grandpa Anarchy himself came from there.

That's just for starters.  His first major nemesis was Carnival Act, and I borrowed that name from a character of mine in CoH also.

Grandpa Anarchy is a member of the League of Two-Fisted Justice, along with Unpossible Man, Dark Dr. Dark, Deep Fat Fryer and Nina Ballerina.  These were all characters I created in City of Heroes.

Other things I borrowed along the way:

The old League of Two-Fisted Justice included Adjective Man and Popeye Khan... two more of my characters.

"Dancepocalypse" includes a zombie-eating werewolf named Zombie Roaster, my tribute to my friend Zombie Fryer.  He had various versions of this character concept, and I don't remember if he specifically had a Zombie Roaster, but he did have a Zombie Broiler and a Zombie EasyBakeOven.  (Our friend Tinfoot had a female zombie-eating werewolf named Zombie Wok as well).

Two of the assassins that Grandpa Anarchy fights are Double Donkey Motel and the Amish Assassin, also charcters I created.

The entire story of World of Hero is based on the closing of a game very similar to City of Heroes.  It includes a person named Gammatron who is similar to Positron, and a  giant monster named Hamsaladon, simiilar to Hamidon.

Grandpa Anarchy teams up twice with Jenny Nova, based on another character of mine, Jennie Nova.

He twice meets a villain named Baron-Who-Cares-For-Pets.  This was based on the stories on the boards of Sister Flame, a young girl whose father wrote about her exploits in the game.  She had a villain Master Mind named Cares For Pets.

The basic idea for Solar Sister and the Disco Trolls of Doom also came from Sister Flame, who wrote (with the aid of her father) a fun AE story arc that included a group of disco-loving trolls led by a troll called Fudor.  My story has a troll named Four Door.

One of the devs of the game, in the last week of the game's existence, requested help creating a "fiscally responsible" hero, someone who always looked at the big picture.  For example, why give yourself up to save one person, when you can clearly do much more good in the long run by not giving yourself up?  One person dies, sadly, but it's for the greater good.  I spun this concept into a sidekick, "Big Picture Boy" and a story called Justice Hangs in the Balance.

Another of my many characters became another in a long line of Grandpa Anarchy's sidekicks:  the canine girl known as Dog Is My Copilot.

There are probably other things I've borrowed that I can't remember right now.  And there are things I still intend to borrow for new stories.  For example, this character:

How can I not use that in a future story?

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